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Deadline to send in materials for Nov/Dec 2017 Issue is Sept. 15!
(Send NOW if possible)


When will I get the September-October 2017 issue?

It is scheduled to begin going out soon. Dated materials will be given priority.


What events go in the November-December 2017 issue?

Any event dated between November 5 and January 15 should go in Issue #6.


Good News Back from the Field!

52 Bible Study Requests! We have received 52 requests for Bible studies since last issue and have passed those along to HTH congregations. Year-to-date studies: 229

Conversion in Urbana, Illinois: Jack McEntire, with Philo Road church of Christ in Urbana, Illinois, sent this message: "One gentleman who received the first issue has been coming to our meetings. He had been reading the Bible at home. I have studied with him and he is to be baptized tonight. Praise God for his gracious gift of love."

Conversion in Cedartown, Georgia: Bill Lundy and his wife Catherine paid for their congregation, the Cedartown Church of Christ, to send out the big Jul/Aug issue. Brother Lundy wrote us saying they were so glad they did because they have already had a baptism as a result of that mailing!

Conversion in Carthage, Mississippi: Ken Gardner is working with the Nile church of Christ. He e-mailed Allen Webster to say, "So sorry I had to miss PTP this time, but I wanted to happily let you know that we had a baptism Wednesday night at the small congregation where I preach. He was a recipient of HTH who came to check us out. Thanks, and God bless."

Burlison, Tennessee: Rick Huffman from the Gilt Edge church of Christ in Burlison, Tennessee, wrote to say, "We have received three additional contacts from the expansion, and one family has attended. We are following up on these leads and newcomers on these additional routes."

Taylorsville, North Carolina: Curtis Gilbert, who works with the Liledoun Road Church of Christ, sent this message: "We have received one very positive request from the last mailing. She did the bible quiz, requested prayers for her son's health, and requested the Bible Correspondence Course and 12 of the tracts." Let's pray for this precious soul!

Knoxville, Tennessee: The West End church of Christ in Knoxville, Tennessee, is working with us to cover all of Knox County with House to House this year. Their preacher, Jeremy Weekley, e-mailed us a few days after their last issue went out to say, "We have received two calls today of people who are very serious about wanting to know more about the Lord's church. Thanks, again, for all that you do!"

LaGrange, Georgia: Buddy Logan from the Bartley Road church of Christ sent us a message after their most recent issue. "Our first mailing hit the boxes this past Monday, and we have already had a contact and visitor on Wednesday who is searching for the truth. We have high hopes with this evangelism tool!"

New Orleans, Louisiana: Scott Cain from the De Gaulle Drive church of Christ in New Orleans, LA, said, "We got a phone call today from a 93-year-old WW2 veteran who wants a ride to services because he got a copy of House to House!"

Cleveland, North Carolina: Denon Hogue works with the Rock Hill church of Christ in Cleveland, North Carolina. He e-mailed us to say, "On behalf of the Rock Hill congregation, we would like to extend a BIG THANKS to House to House for an awesome issue. We have received many messages on Facebook from friends about the powerful outreach ministry. This brotherly love you've provided seems to have made an immediate impact in our community. We are truly grateful for brothers and sister in Christ like you. The church is and always will be the greatest instrument ever established on God's green earth."

Arnold, Missouri: Josh Robinson, who works with the Arnold church of Christ e-mailed us to say, "Just wanted to shoot you a quick email about a phone call I received this afternoon. A man received a copy of House to House we sent out and read the article on divorce. He said it hit home (he just went through a divorce/wife left him and was finalized in March). He called to tell me that he almost didn’t read it because it was on marriage, and that is a sore point for him. However, after reading it he called to tell me thanks for sending it. He had never run across anyone else who thought or taught the same on marriage, divorce, or remarriage. Even his “pastor” didn’t understand why he was praying for reconciliation (no adultery took place). Just wanted you to know that it was a great article, and it touched at least one heart here in the Arnold area. Please pray for him and his situation, and hopefully I can turn this into a Bible study. Thanks for all the work you do!"

Xenia, Ohio: Barry Bergstein of the Xenia congregation in Ohio said: “The Xenia church had not mailed out House to House since January 2013. In April 2017, they received a completed Bible Quiz with a request for an in-home Bible Study and several tracts. We chatted for several minutes about the in-home visualized Bible study options and resources. . . . The gospel seed was planted and four years later landed in the hands of someone desiring to learn more about the gospel.” Isn’t it encouraging to know that souls are still hungry for truth? Don’t get discouraged.

Keep sowing the seed!


Bible Quiz Answers for Sep/Oct 2017 (Great Bible Events)

1. Jesus (Colossians 1:16)
2. Thanksgiving (1Timothy 4:4)
3. Rib (Genesis 2:21)
4. Birds, fish (Genesis 1:21)
5. Water changed to blood (Exodus 7:17)
6. 7 (Genesis 41:30)
7. Rameses (Genesis 47:11)
8. Babylon (1 Chronicles 9:1)
9. Anointed him (1 Chronicles 11:3)
10. Philistines (1 Chronicles 12:19)
11. Ark of the Covenant (1 Samuel 4:4)
12. Mantle (2 Kings 2:8)
13. Chariot of fire (2 Kings 2:11)
14. Elisha's staff (2 Kings 4:31)
15. Stick (2 Kings 6:6)
16. Blinded them (2 Kings 6:18)
17. In the air (1 Thessalonians 4:17)
18. Judgment seat of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:10)

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