Currents (May/June 2017)

Deadline to send in materials for Volume 22, Issue #3 is March 15!

(Send NOW if possible)


You can submit your information by submitting a request at the link above.


When will I get issue #2?

Issue #2 is currently printing and mailing. Most churches’ HTH should arrive between March 15 and April 15. Dated materials will be given priority.


What events go in Issue #3?

Any event dated between

May 1 and July 15 should go in Issue #3.


FREE BOOK: If someone is converted through HTH, we’ll send a free book for you to present to him or her. Please e-mail us at to request this free material.


Good News Back from the Field!


Jasper, Alabama: Mark Howell from the Midway church of Christ in Jasper, Alabama, wrote to say,

"Thought you might enjoy hearing this one: We had an interesting visitor Sunday. Her name is 'Minister' Ann (the way she introduces and refers to herself). She is a 63-year-old lady who has previously been teaching/preaching in a local denominational church. She receives HTH and started requesting tracts/charts that are advertised. Evidently, she has been using these as her lessons/sermons. Her congregation basically told her to not come back if she was going to teach from HTH. She told me Sunday she had 'shaken the dust from her feet' because these people didn’t want to hear what was in the Bible and she wanted to come visit the church that has been blessing her so much. She said she is coming back next Sunday. Hoping to be able to set a Bible study with her next week. I’ll keep you posted on any developments."


Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Tim McElroy is the minsiter at the Bridge Avenue church of Christ  in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Their congregation is among 33 helping us to cover all of Rutherford County for each issue this year. Rutherford is the fifth biggest county in Tennessee. As their first issue was completed he wrote us to say,

"I am near tears in hope and appreciation. The hope is that this will be the catalyst that makes us  be the light to those around us as we are called to be! The appreciation is to God for you and the others for your willingness to help in giving us this hope! May God continue to bless you and the whole House to House team."


Dahlonega, Georgia: Gary Davis is now working with the church in Franklin County, Georgia. He recently reminded us of the success his former congregation in  Dahlonega, Georgia had with HTH. "In Dahlonega, we had four baptisms in three years tied to the mailout. We had visitors come strictly because of the mailing. We had multiple contacts and requests for tracts and bookmarks because of the mailout."


Doraville, Georgia: Janine Underwood from Chestnut Drive Church of Christ in Doraville, Georgia, called.  They had a visitor come because she was getting House to House.  The woman attends a denomination in their area and has some input in that denomination's church bulletin.  She said that she has been putting House to House articles in her church bulletin for years.


Keyser, West Virginia: Drew Gilbert from the Keyser church of Christ in Keyser, West Virginia shared this note: "Our area received the January/February issue of House to House last week and it looks great! We received a letter in the mail and as she was very kind about it, I thought you all there would like to see her letter." The letter from the member of their community praised the church for sending the paper and said she "read it from front to back."


What Else Can House to House Do for Your Congregation?

New Movers Program: For participating in House to House, we give you the opportunity to reach anyone that moves into your community in a special way. For any issue of House to House that you participate in, anyone that moves into the routes you are covering will receive an introductory issue of House to House that is focused on the basics of the Lord's church, followed a couple of weeks later by a postcard. You should be able to reach them twice before anyone else in the area even knows they are there. We can also share the addresses with you, so that you can follow up with them, mail them something else, or knock on their door. The cost is just $5 per month and $1 per address. There are usually just a few of these, but they seem to be really good soil since they are new to the area and often looking for a church to attend.

Free Website: For participating in House to House, we are offering you a free website. We will build it for free, we'll host it for free, and we'll maintain it for free. A lot of people in the community will research a church online before they visit, so having a website is very important. Just for working with us on this, you can have it for free for a year. After one year, you can have it free for another year if you print again, or maintain it for just $15 per month if you don't print. If you stop printing and don't want to keep the website, just cancel it. Here is an example website that we built.  It's very simple right now, but this will give you an idea of what we can do. Click for Demo

Questions about either of these programs? Call us toll-free at 877.338.3397 or email


What Jesus Told Me to Tell You


In the next issue of House to House / Heart to Heart, we will present the simple gospel in a positive light, looking at its facts (1 Corinthians 15:1–4), commands (Romans 6:3–5), and promises (2 Peter 1:3–4).


The featured article is entitled “What Jesus Told Me to Tell You.”

The goal is to reach 3.2 million families throughout the fifty states and several foreign countries with the gospel—the single largest HTH ever mailed.

To participate with more than 1,000 churches of Christ in reaching your community, go to, call 877.338.3397, or email   

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