Currents (July/Aug 2017)

Deadline to send in materials for Volume 22, Issue #4 is May 15!

(Send NOW if possible)


When will I get issue #3? 

Issue #3 is currently printing and mailing. Most churches’ HTH should arrive between May 15 and June 15. Dated materials will be given priority. 

What events go in Issue #4?
Any event dated between July 1 and September 15 should go in Issue #4.


Good News Back from the Field!

Ashville, Ohio: Craig Ross from the Heritage Church of Christ in Ashville, Ohio emailed us to share a story of restoration and conversion. He said, "I would also like to inform you that Heritage had a direct contact from our community following the November/December issue of House to House. Bonnie and her mother were restored to the fellowship and last Friday we baptized Bonnie’s husband. Please pray as we continue to study with this family and assist them in their walk with God. Thanks!"

Sabetha, Kansas: Don Fischer from the Sabetha Church of Christ in Sabetha, KS wrote to say, "We get unsolicited positive comments about the Heart to Heart often. It is cultivating the soil and that is needed!"

Walnut, Mississippi: Greg James works with the Theo Church of Christ in Walnut, MS. They have an exciting study prospect. James said, "We received a direct response on the Bible quiz 'Showdown: Jesus versus Satan.' The person answered all the questions correctly. She also offered thanks for the Bible correspondence course."

Evansville, Indiana: The Washington Avenue Church of Christ in Evansville, IN has had a lot of success with House to House.  Randa Bush recently wrote in to say, "We had two ladies visit last week as a result of HTH! One was from Evansville and we connected the other lady with the church in Vincennes, IN."

Madison, Tennessee: Mike Tidwell from the Neely's Bend Church of Christ in Madison, TN called. He says they have started three Bible correspondence courses since the beginning of the year, and several people are visiting who had not attended worship for several years before.

Doraville, Georgia: Janine Underwood from the Chestnut Drive Church of Christ in Doraville, GA said they had a visitor to their services that came because she was getting House to House.  This woman attends a denomination in their area and has some input in that denomination's church bulletin. This woman said that she has been putting House to House articles in her church bulletin for years.  We are always thankful when our material is invited into the denominations and allowed to do some teaching.

Austin, Texas: Glenn Harrison from the Cameron Road Church of Christ in Austin, TX emailed us to say, "We had our first attendee based solely on House to House distribution." Pray for this new contact!

Valdosta, Georgia: Debbie Walker from the Redland church of Christ in Valdosta, GA said, "Thank you so much! We do have some Bible studies as a result of the HTH."

We have received 89 requests for Bible studies since last issue, and have passed those along to HTH congregations. Keep sowing the seed!


What Else Can House to House Do for Your Congregation?

New Movers Program: For participating in House to House, we give you the opportunity to reach out in a special way to anyone that moves into your community. For any issue of House to House that you participate in, anyone that moves into the routes you are covering will receive an introductory issue of House to House that is focused on the basics of the Lord's church, followed a couple of weeks later by a postcard. You should be able to reach them twice before anyone else in the area even knows they are there. We can also share the addresses with you, so that you can follow up with them, mail them something else, or knock on their door. The cost is just $5 per month, and $1 per address. There are usually just a few of these, but they seem to be really good soil since they are new to the area and often looking for a church to attend.

Free Website: For participating in House to House, we are offering you a free website. We will build it for free, we'll host it for free, and we'll maintain it for free. A lot of people in the community will research a church online before they visit, so having a website is very important. Just for working with us on this, you can have it for free for a year. After one year, you can have it free for another year if you print again, or maintain it for just $15 per month if you don't print. If you stop printing and don't want to keep the website, just cancel it. Here is an example website that we built.  It's very simple right now, but this will give you an idea of what we can do.

Questions about either of these programs? Call us toll-free at 877.338.3397 or e-mail

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