I want to submit an event or article. How do I do that, and what is the deadline?

We love it when congregations submit local events and articles to us for distribution. Just send us the details of your event (dates/meeting times/theme/speaker - the more information the better!), and we'll design your ad for you for free!

While this is one of the largest advantages of HTH HTH, we need about six weeks advance notice to get your upcoming events into your copies.

If you are wanting to advertise an upcoming event, be sure to refer to the table below.

Issue Send Material By Event Dates
Issue 1: January/February November 15 January 15-March 14
Issue 2: March/April January 15 March 15-May 14
Issue 3: May/June March 15 May 15-July 14
Issue 4: July/August May 15 July 15-September 14
Issue 5: September/October July 15 September 15-November 14
Issue 6: November/December September 15 November 15-January 14






To submit your article or event, click the Submit a request link and follow the steps. If you have questions, just let us know!

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