Currents (July/August 2016)

The deadline to submit material for the upcoming July/August 2016 issue is May 15.

Please submit now if possible!

When will I get issue #3?

Issue #3 is currently printing and mailing. Most churches’ HTH should arrive between May 15 and June 15. Dated materials will be given priority.

What events go in Issue #4?

Any event dated between July 1 and September 15 should go in Issue #4.

Free Book

If someone is converted through HTH, we’ll send a free book for you to present to him or her. Please e-mail us to request this free material.

Good News Back from the Field! 

Sparta, MO: The Eastside church of Christ recently contacted us to let us know that they’re getting a lot of Bible studies as a result of their House to House mailings. Pray for good results! 

Madison, TN: Mike Tidwell is the minister at the Neely’s Bend church of Christ. He called us to let us know that they currently have three regular visitors that first came to them as a result of receiving House to House. The Neely’s Bend congregation is off the beaten path, and House to House let these visitors know that the congregation existed and warmly invited them to services. 

Gospel Advocate Editor Comments on House to House: Like church history? Listen to this clip of Gospel Advocate’s editor Gregory Tidwell talking about House to House, and then listen to the rest of the lesson on the history of print in the church in this country (Click here to listen). 

Brother Tidwell said, “A young man was on an Air Force base in the upper Midwest and some congregation sent a mailing of House to House Heart to Heart to every address in the area. The man read it, and it made sense to him. He contacted the local evangelist, studied, and was baptized. Once he finished his tour with the military, he enrolled at Bear Valley, got trained, and is now a preacher of the gospel.” 

Man Converted with House to House Becomes Gospel Preacher: Freddie Klein, the man that brother Tidwell mentioned, messaged us on Facebook and said, “I received House to House years ago on base in Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota—that was my first contact with the Lord’s church. I was baptized as a result a few months later.” And now he is a preacher. Isn’t that amazing? 

House to House in French: We recently sent our 2nd and 3rd French issues out. Here is a photo of some of the members of the church in Geneva, Switzerland excitedly holding their copies that just arrived. 

We are currently working on French issues 4 and 5. Do you know a church that could use House to House in French? (We also print in Spanish!) 

Send us YOUR success stories. We hear all the time when we run into someone, “Oh, I was going to write you, but I never got around to it. We had a baptism from HTH. We have a study going on. We added a family.” Be sure to share with others in the program so all can be encouraged and be praying for success. Please e-mail us your stories!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

Over the next few months, our country will be doing a lot of talking about politics. We plan to capitalize on that line of thought to start a spiritual conversation with our readers. The September/October HTH issue will discuss If Jesus Were Running for President, Would He Win? We will encourage our communities to look for spiritual strengths in those we elect, and to ultimately allow Jesus to be the ruler of our lives. People are looking for answers—answers that only Jesus and His church can provide. Let’s tell people about King Jesus! 

The goal is to reach 3.2 million homes and make this the largest HTH issue ever mailed!

It will be a challenge to reach more than three million homes, but with your help, and if it is what God wants, we can certainly do it. Setting the bar high gives God room to work! 

Will you help? Here’s how: 

  • Please pray that we work with the right congregations at the right time to reach the right people. Pray that God will give increase to the seeds we plant and water. 
  • For congregations not currently mailing HTH, now might be the perfect time to get back in. You can participate in a one-time mailing of only this issue, or you can get back in for regular mailings. If you participate in this mailing and don’t already have a church website we will provide one for you free! Please respond by July 15. (This gives a two-month cushion to allow time to go through the proper channels.) Simply call Matt Wallin toll free at 1-877-338-3397 (or submit a request).
  • Already doing the Sep/Oct issue? Add two routes to your coverage for just the Sep/Oct issue. If each church would add two routes, around 800 homes, we could easily reach 3.2 million homes! 

Will you pray with us and either print for just this issue or add two routes for the Sep/Oct issue? Call us at 877.338.3397 or let us know by submitting a request.

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