Currents (November/December 2016)

Good News Back from the Field!

A Conversion in Houston, TX: John Gooch from the Jersey Village church of Christ in Houston, Texas, emailed us to say, " Jersey Village has had a conversion from H2H/H2H. It was a lady in our area whose life was spiraling in the wrong direction.  She made up her mind that she was going to go to church the next Sunday.  She went on the internet and looked at churches in the area and settled on a Baptist church based on their proximity and website. On Thursday of that week she received H2H/H2H in the mail and changed her mind and came to Jersey Village.  She came back the next week and attended our visitor's class (a very small class that teaches people about the church and God's plan of salvation) and she obeyed the gospel.  She continues to be faithful despite no support from her husband and having to basically raise her grandchild while dealing with her daughter's issues." Praise God!

A Conversion in Evansville, IN: Randa Bush from the Washington Avenue church of Christ in  Evansville, Indiana, emailed us about another conversion that their congregation has had. Sister Bush said, " I have scanned a letter from one of our members who came to us via House to House. If you ever need to boost moral with HTH workers, this should do it!" The letter said:

"To whom it may concern:

     I would like to thank you for your magazine House to House Heart to Heart. This is the magazine that has got me to the church I am now attending. I am now a member of that church.

     I can't tell you enough how much I like your magazine. When it first comes, if I was doing something, it goes on hold until I have read the entire magazine and did the Bible quiz. It's very informative. When I'm done I'm ready for the next issue. I even clip the list of Bible scriptures you list in the magazine for my Bible.

     Thanks for publishing this magazine and to all the people who has a hand in making this magazine. Thanks for your prayers, time, love, patience, and thoughtfullness that goes into this magazine. If this magazine should ever stop I would surely miss it. God bless you all. Valerie"

Chattanooga, TN: Charles Cochran, the preacher at the East Ridge church of Christ in Chattanooga , Tennessee, wrote us to say, "We have had two more people who have visited our services as a result of the paper going to their homes.  That is encouraging.  Also, we plan a door knocking effort  this fall (September 10th) to invite people to visit our building on the 17th of September.  We will be using the House to House/Heart to Heart as a 'door opener.'  We plan to ask people if they are receiving the paper and hope they are being encouraged by it.  I did receive a note in the mail from someone who gets it.  She told us 'Don’t stop sending it!  It is the most encouraging thing I receive in the mail!'  So, we know much good is being done by it!  Keep up the great work!"

Lebanon, TN: Brian Horner from the Bethel Church of Christ in Lebanon, Tennessee, sent the following: “We receive a lot of comments from the community that they enjoy the HTH mailers.  Occasionally we receive requests for pamphlets and charts listed in the mailer. Thanks!”

Pittsburgh, PA: Jen Branson called from the North Hills church of Christ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and said a lady stopped by to see them and told them she liked the Sept/Oct 2016 article. It is encouraging to know that it's not even September yet, and the Sept/Oct issue is already having an impact.

Two New Christians in Gadsden, AL: Blake Jones at the Rainbow church of Christ in Gadsden, Alabama, sent the following: “Just thought I would let you know that we had a couple obey the gospel last night because they received the House to House we sent out. They got it a month ago and wanted to visit. She said she still has it on her nightstand. She came by herself Sunday morning and after our worship service, where she saw two others obey the gospel she came to and said she wanted to join. So tonight she brought her husband and we invited them to a fellowship at one of our members home, after our evening worship service at which I shared the gospel with them. They were both in tears as they saw their need to be baptized and when I suggested we go back to the building so they could obey, they cried more that we would do that for them. So everyone who was still there left and went back to the building where the two of them were baptized into Christ and we sang for over an hour as we rejoiced with them.”

From Jacksonville, AL to Japan: John Phillis, a missionary who is currently working in Japan, sent us the following message: "Hey Matt. Just checking in from hot and rainy Japan on this Tuesday afternoon. Sending a pic of me out today - before the rain - putting HTH in mailboxes of American military personnel living in one of two off-base housing areas. Passed out HTH in the other housing area last week and got a visitor at worship this past Sunday. When I asked how she found us, she pulled a copy of HTH out of her purse and said, 'This was in my mailbox. I read it and liked it, so here I am.' So, HTH is a doing great things at Yokota Airbase Japan."

Answers to Bible Quizzes


Jesus’ Story about Dirt:  1. In a boat on the water (Matthew 13:1–2); 2. Stood on the shore (Matthew 13:2); 3. Way side (Matthew 13:4); 4. Word, God (Luke 8:11); 5. Trodden on, eaten by birds (Luke 8:5); 6. The devil (Luke 8:5, 12); 7. Scorched by sun, withered (Matthew 13:6); 8. Moisture (Luke 8:6); 9. Choke (Matthew 13:7); 10. Thirtyfold, sixtyfold, hundredfold (Matthew 13:8); 11. Honest, good (Luke 8:15); 12. Satan (Mark 4:15); 13. Tribulation, affliction, persecution (Matthew 13:21; Mark 4:17); 14. Cares of this world, deceitfulness of riches, lusts of other things (Mark 4:19); 15. Hears, understands, bears (Matthew 13:23); 16. Lest they believe and be saved (Luke 8:12); 17. What (Mark 4:24); 18. How (Luke 8:18); 19. Eyes, ears (Matthew 13:16).


Up from the Grave He Arose!: 1. Chief priests and Pharisees (Matthew 27:62-66); 2. To anoint Him with sweet spices (Mark 16:1); 3. Angel (Matthew 28:2); 4. Salome (Mark 16:1); 5. Angel (Matthew 28:5-6); 6. Risen, not (Matthew 28:6); 7. Fear and great joy (Matthew 28:8); 8. Mary Magdalene (Mark 16:9); 9. Jesus (Matthew 28:9); 10. They didn’t believe it (Mark 16:11); 11. They were given money (Matthew 28:11-15); 12. Galilee (Matthew 28:6); 13. Thomas (John 20:24-28); 14. The disciples (Mark 16:14); 15. All, earth (Matthew 28:18); 16. All, gospel (Mark 16:15); 17. Teach, baptizing (Matthew 28:19); 18. All (Matthew 28:20); 19. At the right hand of God (Mark 16:20).

Polishing the Pulpit

Polishing the Pulpit was held recently in Sevierville, Tennessee. A record 204 speakers conducted over 700 classes in 13 tracks over 7 days attended by 4136 people from 35 states and eleven nations, including the Bahamas, Canada, China, Great Britain, Guatemala, Jamaica, New Zealand, Palau, South Africa, West Africa, and the U.S. It was one of the most enjoyable weeks imaginable—incredible singing, warm fellowship, challenging lessons, vibrant worship, and practical preparation for evangelism and all forms of church work. Please plan to go with us next year. Mark your calendars for August 18–24. Visit the Polishing the Pulpit facebook page to watch a recap video!


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