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Deadline to send in materials for the July issue is May 15!

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When will I get the May issue? 

The May issue is currently printing and mailing. Most churches’ HTH should arrive between May 15 and June 15. Dated materials will be given priority.

What events go in the July issue? 
Any event dated between July 7–September 15 should go in the July issue.

FREE BOOK: If someone is converted through HTH, we’ll send a free book for you to present to him or her. Please e-mail us at to request this free material.


47 Bible Study Requests! We have received 47 requests for Bible studies since our last issue and have passed those along to HTH congregations. Year-to-date studies: 408.

Conversion in Arnold, Missouri: Roger Leonhardt sent us this message: "We have a new member at Arnold. He came in from House to House. He was baptized a week and a half ago. He drives a tanker truck and spends a lot of time in the truck listening to podcasts. He’s looking for sound info to listen to.

The cool thing is he and his wife were Bible class teachers at the mega Baptist church in Arnold. So you never know, we might get some of his friends. So just another story about how you and the guys in Alabama are making a real difference in the world."

Conversion in Coldwater, Michigan: David Sherfield is the minister at the Coldwater church of Christ. He emailed us to say, "The Sept/Oct issue has produced some fruit. One woman sent in for two Bible lessons written by Allen, and she has finished 16 lessons. She was baptized Sunday morning. She is 83-years-old. She said she had been to 8 churches in town but they were not teaching Bible." We have a new baby sister in Christ, who just happens to be 83-years-old!

Conversion in Centerville, Tennessee: Paul Vaughn of the Shipps Bend Church of Christ in Centerville, Tennessee, wrote, “We had a baptism as a direct result of HTH. The woman is continuing to study with us. We have had seven extra Bible studies, and she is doing great!”

Conversions in Los Banos, California: Glen Bowman of the Los Banos church of Christ reports, “I thought that you’d like to know that two people were baptized Sunday who started coming from the summer mailing that we did through you! I’m not sure exactly what details that I should share, but here goes: Melissa came with her daughter the week before VBS in July (we advertised for that in our House to House mailing). The next Sunday Melissa came back, but not her daughter. One of the days of VBS, Melissa and David (her husband) came without their daughter and sat in the adult class. He didn’t come much, but Melissa kept coming on and off, and sometimes her daughter came, too. She started coming more regularly again recently, and David reached out to me a few days before he was baptized for help with things going on in his life. That Sunday (10/29/17) I offered the invitation and they both came forward. I talked to them and studied with them a bit beforehand to make sure they understood, and they both seemed motivated to be baptized then. Most of the members of the church stayed behind until after the study was over and celebrated their baptism with them!”

Study in Natchez, Mississippi: Denny Calloway from the Briarwood Church of Christ in Natchez, Mississippi, sent this message: "We have had one person request and complete a Bible Correspondence Course. God bless!"

House to House Heart to Heart is now a monthly publication!

2018 Topics

JULY • Five Views of Baptism from Mark 16:16
AUGUST • How to Face Your Golgotha
SEPTEMBER • The First Christian in Europe
OCTOBER • Salvation Is Free, but It Is Not
NOVEMBER • Is Christianity the Problem?
DECEMBER • Finding God’s Treasure

Your congregation can now do twelve issues of House to House a year! The program is flexible, so you can do anything from once a month to once a year. We will even provide a free website for your congregation. To get started just visit, e-mail us at, or call 1.877.338.3397.


In July 2018, more than 1000 churches of Christ have committed to send House to House/Heart to Heart to their communities. The issue will feature an article on baptism based on Mark 16:16 . We hope to put this issue into the hands of 3,300,000 American
families (the biggest HTH issue ever printed). An average American household has 2.58 people, so we could reach 8.5 million citizens. We will need the help of 400 more congregations to reach this many citizens. Will you help us?

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