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When will I get the September issue?
The September issue is currently printing and mailing. Most churches’ HTH should arrive between September 15 and October 15. Dated materials will be given priority.

What events go in the November issue?
Any event dated between November 5 and January 15 should go in the November issue.

FREE BOOK: If someone is converted through HTH, we will send a free book for you to present to him or her. Please e-mail us at to request this free material.


507 Studies! We have received 30 requests for Bible studies connected to the last issue of HTH, bringing the year-to-date studies to 507.

Another Conversion, Another Gospel Preacher: We mentioned this last time, but it is worth repeating. We have learned of a second man who is now preaching full-time after being converted by a congregation that sent him House to House.

Oakley Tharp of the Huntsville church in French Camp, Mississippi, reported that several years ago a young man name Oscar Graves received their House to House and visited the congregation. He learned what the Bible taught and then believed and washed his sins away in baptism. The church later supported Brother Graves as he attended Magnolia Bible College. He is now preaching for a church in Austin, Texas.

One newsletter, one tender heart, and one Bible college student who continues to preach the gospel to many others. Let that sink in!

Conversion in Lexington, North Carolina: John Harper wrote to us, saying, "I have great news. This morning we baptized Renard Edwards. He receives HTH and this month's issue on baptism opened his eyes to the truth that he was lost and needed his sins washed away. May we all continue to teach God's word and God will give the increase. Thanks for all you all do."

Requests in West Fayetteville, Tennessee: Van Massey called to share the good news that they have had a response from their first mailing. He will hand deliver the requested tracts and the first lesson of a Bible study course.

Tender Hearts: Wes Blankenship shared this email from a reader: "Dear House to House, my home receives your publication and we enjoy reading it. My husband and I are Evangelical Christians who attend a Baptist Church. Although there are some differences in our thinking and worship, I have found your publication to be a blessing and I'm happy to be a part of the mailing list. There are many very inspirational, informative, encouraging heart- felt articles and often funny too! Sincerely and blessings . . ."

Reaching the Ivory Coast: Brother Yro from the Ivory Coast wrote us as soon as they received their copies of French House to House to say, "Thanks for the magazines you sent. I have received them and the assembly of the church of Christ of Port Bouet and I have already started to share them. Thank you for what you are doing and God bless you more and more for the help you have given us."

Conversion in North Lexington, Kentucky: Recently at Polishing the Pulpit we met a family that was converted after a Personal Evangelism Seminar at North Lexington, Kentucky, earlier this year. I remember this couple vividly. After each lesson they came up to ask questions and comment on the things they were learning. The preacher, Steve Johnson, told us they were members of a denomination who had been visiting. It was here that we came up with the description, "a Bible study from the Pew."

During Personal Evangelism Campaigns, we teach the seminar on Sunday and then preach the study booklets, "Back to the Bible," Monday-Wednesday. This serves not only to train church members how to use it, but if non-Christians are present, they learn the Gospel in a non-confrontational way.

After the second lesson covering the church this man said, "I have never heard anyone explain why we should not use instrumental music in worship. It made a lot of sense." After lesson three on salvation, I could tell they were in deep thought about their spiritual condition. On our way home, Brother Johnson texted that they were just baptized! This is just one example of hundreds who have obeyed the Gospel this year from congregations who are focusing on personal evangelism. If you want more information, please go to our website:

Successful VBS in Montgomery, Alabama: Tish Housley from the Eastern Meadows Church of Christ in Montgomery, Alabama, mailed us a card to say, "What a difference you have made in spreading the gospel. We mailed out the paper before our VBS. We had the best VBS in 13 years, up almost 50%. We had to find more chairs for the children. Thank you!"

A Conversion and a Restoration: The Chalmette Church of Christ in Chalmette, Louisiana, sent us this message: "We had one restored yesterday and one baptized. Glory to God. Thanks for everything. I am so glad we are able to be involved in the work again."

Visitors after the First Mailing in Baltimore, Maryland: Rick Adsit from the University Parkway church of Christ in Baltimore, Maryland, wrote us a few days after their first issue went out to say, "We had a family who came to worship today from the mailing."



REPRINTING OF OUR JULY ISSUE ON BAPTISM • Five Views of Baptism from Mark 16:16
NOVEMBER • Is Christianity the Problem?
DECEMBER • Finding God’s Treasure

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