May 2019 Issue (How Much Do You Know About King David?)

  1. What was David’s occupation as a boy? Keeper of the sheep
  2. Which prophet secretly anointed David as king? Samuel
  3. David was soon hired to work for King Saul. What was his job? Armor Bearer and Musician
  4. Who made several attempts on David’s life because of jealousy? Saul
  5. Which giant Philistine warrior did David bring down with a sling and a rock? Goliath
  6. How long did David’s reign over all of Israel last? 33 years
  7. From whom did David capture his capital city (Zion)? The Jebusites
  8. With what beautiful woman did David commit adultery? Bathsheba
  9. What did David do to try to cover up his adultery? Put Uriah in the front of the hottest battle and retreat, so he would be killed
  10. Where was David anointed as king of Israel? Hebron
  11. How old was David when he first began to reign over Judah? 30 years old
  12. Who was David’s first wife? Saul’s daughter Michal
  13. Which of David’s sons tried to overthrow and kill him? Absalom
  14. Who refused to assist David and his men, and died as a result? Nabal
  15. Which former king of Israel tried to kill David out of envy? Saul
  16. Who was the prophet that confronted David with his adultery? Nathan
  17. What was the cost of David’s sin with Bathsheba? The child born to him & Bathsheba died
  18. Who did Absalom appoint as commander over his army in Joab’s place? Amasa
  19. How did David’s son Absalom die? He was hung when his hair got caught in a terebinth tree and Joab thrust three spears through his heart and his armor bearers struck and killed him .
  20. Who was the crippled son of Jonathan cared for by David? Mephibosheth
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