What is the HTH "Intro Issue"?

House to House is printed/mailed monthly (see our production schedule). The HTH Intro Issue is printed at various other points in the year to help congregations get started in the program faster.

Note that in both cases below, the front and back pages of the Intro Issue will be customized for your congregation. These copies will have your church name, meeting times, leaders, and if submitted, events and an article.
A New Church Signs up Right after a Deadline
There are times when, due to the printing cycle, a church might sign up for HTH six to eight weeks before they see their first issue is available. The eldership and members are excited to see HTH make an impact in their community, but waiting almost two months isn't ideal. The Intro Issue will be sent within a month, so the seed will reach your community earlier. 
A Participating Church Needs to Advertise for an Event
Since the Intro Issue is distributed more often than the regular issues of HTH, it's a perfect solution to let your community know about events that you might have forgotten to submit for your regular HTH issue. Some congregations use the Intro Issue as an additional advertising tool for a special event.
What Does It Cost and How Many Can I Print?
The HTH Intro has the same costs and requirements of the standard HTH print run. For us to customize/mail your copies of the Intro Issue, you are required to print at least 1,000 copies. The costs are the same as HTH standard printing at 0.17 per printed piece and 0.17 per mailed piece. 
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